Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not (James 4:2)

When it came time to think about design elements for the second book in the St. Clair Family series, Home to You, I got feedback from beta readers saying that they really wanted to see an actual home on the front cover.

So the search began.


At the end of the book, the characters moved into a log home (one of my lifelong dreams) so I started looking online for a good photo. I finally landed on the perfect one, but couldn’t find it in any of the stock photo libraries, so I began to trace it to its source, and found it on a website for Town + Country Cedar Homes, a custom log and cedar home company in Michigan. It was their Stoney Creek model.

I decided to simply ask them if I could use the image on the book cover. The worst that could happen is that they would say no, or ignore the request. So I clicked on the “contact us” button, and began my e-mail: This is probably the craziest request you will ever receive…

The next morning, I had both an e-mail and a phone call from their VP of Marketing. They were thrilled and honored. So was I! I offered to give them credit for the photo and include their web address. And they posted this on their website when the links were up. Everybody wins! Feel free to visit and like their page.

I’m still dreaming of a log home. I told them that if the book gets made into a movie, I’ll buy a piece of land and have them build this home on it!